The drives that tend to unite and preserve people, known as Eros in Greek mythology, contrast with the forces of death that seek destruction. The blending of these destructive impulses with the erotic ones has hindered their recognition for a long time. Europe and Europeans exist between these two forces, and Brexit is evidence of how disruptive forces can prevail and manifest as an exodus.
The lack of awareness of these forces and the difficulty in grappling with the past and the history of nations can be a reason for this crisis. To develop a European awareness, it is crucial to first be aware of the Self, which comprises aggregating and destructive forces. The concept of a nation can be likened to the process of self-realization as an individual. Carl Gustav Jung defines the Self as the central point of personality, the purpose of life, and the goal that humans constantly strive for but rarely achieve. Similarly, human and social development, guided by the constitutional principles of a nation, leads to increased knowledge and awareness for each individual.
The progress of people, nations, and Europe has been diverted by colonialism, the two World Wars, Nazism, Fascism, and terrorist attacks. The illusion of the Enlightenment, the mobilization of the masses, the influence of "Homo Economicus," whose sole aim is personal profit, and the consequent thirst for power have led to sacrificing freedom for false happiness.
These historical events have contributed to the rise of nationalism and the division among different nations, leading to a regression of self-awareness. However, many individuals have developed "patriotic" ideals and values such as equality, solidarity, and justice.
While some Europeans are still searching for their true selves, what is required of Europeans goes beyond self-awareness—it is the awareness of a collective Self, the awareness of the "We." This cannot happen without unity and dialogue with "the others," with what is different. Europe, due to its nature, cannot isolate itself but must remain open to the world. Indeed, dialogue with the rest of the world must be a fundamental condition for European development itself. A concrete and spiritual union must prevail over destruction, without erasing it, so that individuals can also realize themselves.
Europe must avoid succumbing to the longing for unattainable happiness driven by a distorted economic system that has led to various speculative bubbles. On the other hand, Europe has the potential to foster sustainable development for all forms of life, the environment, and the economy. Europe plays an essential role in shaping a new economy where people are at the center.
The human being must be the unifying value that underpins all countries and forms the foundation of Europe. We must be courageous and transcend the limits of our borders to discover the collective Self. This is the Europe we want, and it depends on us.

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